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Thank you making an inquiry to study at Rand  Hills College.Making a choice to enroll at Rand  Hills College is an intelligent decision which will  unlock your endless potentials in academics and  other spheres of achievements. When registered at Rand Hills College, we would  like to impress on you to take your studies  seriously and our team of well dedicated  teachers and mentors will assist you in your  Endeavour to be successful. Please not that we do not compromise on  academic standards. We encourage all our  learners to take their studies seriously, yet we  include a lot of extra mural activities and study  trips to make learning stimulating and  interesting to our learners. Learners are provided with professional career  guidance to enable them choose the correct  subjects in relation to their preferred careers /  courses to be pursued at college or university. Therefore your studies are demanding and  require a lot of willingness to learn which will be  enforced by our expert teaching staff.
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Top achievement is at the helm of our mission because at Rand Hills College, we always aim higher,  making our learners successful and ultimately raises their self esteem in this demanding  generation. At Rand Hills College we provide an excellent standard of education in all learning  areas with a team of very experienced and qualified educators.  We believe that every learner can achieve despite the situation or circumstances and we embrace  all weak and slow learners stimulating the potential in them to achieve at immeasurable limits.We  do not discriminate against our learners on the basis of poor performance but rather motivate them to do better. Our educators have been carefully trained to be tolerant and avoid rejecting learners on the basis of poor performance. ”Where you start is not as important as where you finish” Our ultimate goal is to offer valuable education that produces citizens that are competitive and  successful in society. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS CHOICE CEO.  RAND HILLS GROUP  HERBERT. S
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